Hip Joint Hip Replacement Treatment Physical Therapy

Hip Treatment – Physical Therapy LIVE EVERY DAY, Do I need a hip replacement? The Hip The hip joint’s primary responsibility is to support your body weight when you are engaged in dynamic movements and when you are standing still. In fact, the hip joints are the key components in your ability to retain balance….Read More »

Using crutches, gait training, Physical Therapy Simsbury CT

Using crutches – a thing of the past, gait training, Physical Therapy Leave it to Han Solo to be ahead of the curve on the newest futuristic assistive device! Harrison Ford, 72, recently broke his lower leg, we think while Luke closed the Door of the Millennium Falcon too quickly on Han’s leg. Instead of…Read More »

November 2, 2014

Low Back Pain Treatment PHYSICAL THERAPY

A Better Understanding of Low Back Pain – LIVE EVERY DAY Approach The low back, or lumbar region, includes an intricate system of bones (vertebrae), intervertebral discs, nerves, ligaments, muscles and joints which work together to support the weight of the upper body. What Causes Low Back Pain? Age-related changes in bone strength, muscular tone…Read More »

October 19, 2014

Physical Therapy role in the presence of knee/hip arthritis?

Physical Therapy role in the presence of knee/hip arthritis? Arthritis versus Arthrosis Arthritis is a term used to describe an inflammatory condition involving one or more joints throughout the body. It is often accompanied by pain, swelling and warmth in the involved joint(s). Arthrosis is a term which describes a non-inflammatory degenerative condition associated with…Read More »

October 12, 2014

Chronic Ankle Instability – ‘my ankle hurts – what helps?’

Chronic Ankle Instability – ‘my ankle hurts – what helps?’ We’ve all done it.  A quick step, a sudden crack in the sidewalk, landing from a basketball rebound, or tripping over a teenagers shirt left on the stairs.  The dreaded ankle sprain. Big census data collections tell us these simple and often innocuous injuries are…Read More »

September 28, 2014