Excellence in Clinical Education – Residency Training in Orthopedics and Neurology

We are LIVE EVERY DAY.  Our mission is to empower patients to achieve and preserve extraordinary physical & mental health through sound clinical practice & exemplary bed-side manner. We provide an exceptional clinical experience while creating an atmosphere and culture of life improvement for our patients and employees alike. LIVE EVERY DAY is more than a medical practice; It is a way of life. With our mission in mind, we see the need to give our time, share our expertise, and help to harvest the next wave of professionals into the rehabilitation field. Therefore, we are excited to share the details of both of our residency programs, in Orthopaedics and Neurology.

Each Program is one year in duration, with a start date in August/September to the following August/September. The Residency is housed within LIVE EVERY DAY, affiliated with Springfield College, with a mission to create an experience for the resident that combines structured learning opportunities with promoting an atmosphere and culture of life improvement for patients. Upon completion of the program, the resident will be a leader in service to the community with clinical and didactic knowledge as a framework for becoming an advanced practitioner in orthopaedic or neuro physical therapy. Each Program consists of modules designed to meet the criteria outlined in each of the Neuro & Orthopaedic Description of Specialty Practice to prepare the resident for successful completion of the Clinical Specialty exam. Some highlights of The Program include:

(Directors of Residency)

Patient-centered care. Our model is unique. With a focus on patient-first care, our systematic approach with one-on-one treatments places our care above the rest. Our population consists of a variety of patients with mulitple diagnoses, from infants to the elderly. With nearly 40% of our referrals through direct access, The Program offers the Resident the ability to play an integral role in evaluating and diagnosing to determine the appropriate plan of care with autonomy.

Culture. We are committed to creating healthier bodies, lives and communities. This starts with our staff. During our weekly “Culture Tuesday” meetings, we cover topics ranging from evidence-based practice, in-services, community outreach and team building activities that encourage professional and personal development. Our clinician backgrounds are robust and diverse, with a clinical staff of 12 including a Board Certified Orthotist/Prosthetist and 6 Board Certified Clinical Specialists. Our clinicians will act as mentors, cultivating an environment through ongoing dialog to develop critical thinking and decision making skills.

Teaching and Leadership Opportunities. As leaders in clinical education, the clinicians at LIVE EVERY DAY host/attend quarterly journal clubs, teach as adjunct professors, all hats that the Resident will wear. Residents will take on guest lectures at Springfield College providing lecture and laboratory based skill instruction to entry-level DPT students. The Resident will guide students participating in integrated clinical experience by providing meaningful discussion and learning in the clinical setting. These roles will prepare the Resident to become a leader in orthopaedic physical therapy practice.

Compensation and Benefits. The Resident will receive a salary compensation equivalent to an entry-level physical therapist. Additional benefits including PTO, holiday/sick leave, health and disability insurance, and professional liability insurance. Benefits specific to the Residency include: APTA membership, OCS/NCS application and test fees, APTA Credentialed CI Training course fees, Annual APTA Conference attendance, and additional CEU benefit up to $1500 for module specific coursework.

Historical Program Metrics: The Neuro Residency Program is slated to accept it’s first resident Summer 2021.  The Orthopedic Residency program enters its 5th year; 1 current resident 2020-21, 2 residents have successfully completed and graduated since initial accreditation in 2018, both graduates remain employed full-time at LIVE EVERY DAY and are leaders in the practice as clinical instructors taking at least 3 students per year since graduation, 1 graduate successfully complete OCS exam in 2019, 1 resident was enrolled and dropped out of the program in 2019-2020 citing difficulty with the rigor and high clinical excellence expectations.

2023 Update: The Orthopedic Residency program enters its 7th year; 1 current resident 2022-23, 5 residents have successfully completed and graduated since initial accreditation in 2018, 4 graduates remain employed full-time at LIVE EVERY DAY and are leaders in the practice as clinical instructors taking at least 3 students per year since graduation and act as adjunct faculty at Springfield College, 2 graduates successfully complete OCS exam, 2 graduates will be sitting for the OCS exam in March 2023.