Foot Pain: We’re the best at LIVE EVERY DAY

Foot Pain: If there’s something we’re the best at LIVE EVERY DAY               The Foot and Ankle The foot is often considered a mobile adaptor, beginning when the foot hits the ground, and then changes to a rigid lever, as the push off phase begins. While the static structures…Read More »

January 11, 2015

Knee Pain Is it Knee arthritis? – Physical Therapy

Knee Pain Is it Arthritis? – Physical Therapy LIVE EVERY DAY The Knee Knee pain, is it arthritis? – Physical Therapy LIVE EVERY DAY! The knee joint functions as a hinge joint with the primary responsibility of bending and straightening the leg. The knee depends on the hip, ankle and foot to maintain proper position…Read More »

Hip Joint Hip Replacement Treatment Physical Therapy

Hip Treatment – Physical Therapy LIVE EVERY DAY, Do I need a hip replacement? The Hip The hip joint’s primary responsibility is to support your body weight when you are engaged in dynamic movements and when you are standing still. In fact, the hip joints are the key components in your ability to retain balance….Read More »

Elbow, Wrist, & Hand – Physical Therapy LIVE EVERY DAY

Elbow, Wrist, & Hand – Physical Therapy LIVE EVERYDAY The Elbow, Wrist and Hand The elbow, wrist and hand work together to let you perform a multitude of gross motor and fine motor activities. Pain in any of these joints can hamper your ability to perform your daily activities and to pursue athletic endeavors without…Read More »

Shoulder Injury – Physical Therapy LIVE EVERY DAY

Shoulder Injury – Physical Therapy LIVE EVERY DAY The Shoulder   Your shoulder joints are of the most moveable joints in your body. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the shoulder joint can also be one of the most unstable & often injured regions of the human body. In fact, shoulder injuries are among the most…Read More »

Using crutches, gait training, Physical Therapy Simsbury CT

Using crutches – a thing of the past, gait training, Physical Therapy Leave it to Han Solo to be ahead of the curve on the newest futuristic assistive device! Harrison Ford, 72, recently broke his lower leg, we think while Luke closed the Door of the Millennium Falcon too quickly on Han’s leg. Instead of…Read More »

November 2, 2014