Interview with Matt Calendrillo

How do you stay motivated and creative?
It’s a tad cliché to say, “life’s short” – but it is! To no surprise, we named our practice LIVE EVERY DAY for that exact reason. Our work reminds me every day that we must stride to be better individuals, help and love those around us and expand our good work to the furthest of each of our abilities. There’s 1440 minutes in each day, trying to maximize each leaves me feeling energized and excited for next 1440. I often find the creative touch during those repetitive minutes in a week; we all have them: driving, dishes, mowing the lawn – experiencing those moments to the fullest have often guided me to the next ‘big thing!’
If you could share one piece of advice with today’s young entrepreneur, what would it be?
Train yourself to get up early, Leonardo Da Vinci did the math on the need for human sleep. To boil it down remember those 1440 minutes, sleep less, do more.
What is the state of public understanding on healthcare delivery?
The publics’?. . . I hardly understand it myself! Over the ages, we’ve developed a confusing to navigate, disease focused, symptom driven system far greater entrenched in human behaviour than any recent healthcare law. There’s an understanding that when you’re sick you go to the doctor, when you feel good continue onward. We believe there’s a need for wellness/prevention, understanding the human body, it’s movement patterns and how to make it excel. Physical Therapy has an incredible skill set, as movement experts, can now in greater frequency see patients directly from our community. LIVE EVERY DAY in part serves as our sounding block – all can benefit from less pharmaceuticals more exercise & movement!
What are the characteristics of a successful founder?
Dedicated. Dedicated to those attributes central to the values that created the entity. One must be steadfast, even when its far more challenging. As our practice grows so do distractions, I’ve had success boiling my decision making process back to the founding basics; ‘will this aide in the patient’s care, experience, & outcomes?’ This simple approach continues to help us to navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape.