Healthcare with a focus on CARE.

LIVE EVERY is more than a medical practice, it is a way of life. We realized long ago there’s more to life than the 9-5 and have structured our company to celebrate other’s and their passions. We call them spokes. They all surround a central hub – helping others. Learn more about us, and what makes us tick.

An Integrated Classroom

Our mission and way of practice has been heard loud and clear. We have been selected to integrate clinic practice into the doctoral Physical Therapy curriculum. We give our time, share our expertise, and help to harvest the next wave of professionals into the rehabilitation field.

Integrated Clinical Experiences

LIVE EVERY DAY spearheaded this curriculum change during the progression of the field of Physical Therapy from a master’s level to a doctoring profession. These early clinical opportunities provide the foundation for future therapists to interact with patients, pathologies, assessments, and treatments. Handled in small groups throughout each semester, students expand their skill sets and broaden their understanding of the impact of Physical Therapy. Twice per year for 2 years, LIVE EVERY DAY plays an integral role to this essential coursework for all graduate students at Springfield College.


LIVE EVERY DAY hosts 3 full-time Clinical Internships for those Doctoral students in their last year of study. With a clinical focus on orthopedics, the LIVE EVERY DAY intern is challenged to balance a robust caseload of individuals young to old, head to toe. These internships are full immersion for 10 weeks and provide a mixture of didactic & hands on learning to foster self-reflection and critical thinking. We strive for the very best interns, as evident by the growing successes of: Richard Murphy, Nicole Tibbetts, Mary Monahan, Olivia Pare, Lauren Farrer, & Caitie Holik


LIVE EVERY DAY has teamed with Springfield College to create a year-long Orthopedic Residency program, serving as one of the first in New England. The Resident will be an integral part of the LIVE EVERY DAY team, with time spent teaching in both the classroom and the clinical setting while honing their own skill sets via deep seated clinical mentorship. The product, a well-rounded dynamic clinician well versed and prepared to sit for board testing to the denotation: Orthopedic Certified Specialist. Learn more about this incredible opportunity here: click here

Orthopedic Residency Program

There are a selective number of accredited programs nationally. LIVE EVERY DAY is one of two in the state of CT. We train the best and brightest in a 1-year post graduation Residency program – with full immersion in classroom teaching at Springfield College, mentorship, and the highest level of evidence based care.

Local Need

Community service projects and civic engagement. Our impact and imprint continues to expand as our team continues to grow. Where will you see LIVE EVERY DAY next?

Mission Haiti

Both here and abroad help is needed. We’ve taken on a small part in a Global Health Initiative’ Our hearts and giving are large, our ground support holds consistent roots in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.