The LIVE EVERY DAY ACL Reciprocity Ring builds community, strengthening the network of relationships among participants with a similar connecting experience – post operative ACL reconstruction individuals striving to LIVE EVERY DAY, and achieve healthy and happy lifestyle choices. The Ring is transformative — and informative. Not only will you learn solutions to your concerns, but you’ll also be able to help others as this growing community deepens.

ACL Ring

Have you experienced an ACL injury?
Are you looking for a community dealing with similar concerns?
Are you seeking practical knowledge about how to maximize your outcome from leading professions in healthcare and psychology?

The goal of the LIVE EVERY DAY Reciprocity Ring is to create & sustain a digital giving environment to empower and connect patients with providers impacted by ACL injury.

The impact to ACL injury goes well beyond the internal structural anatomy of the human knee. Experience and research show us patient involvement in each stage of grieving, complex fear avoidance, neuromuscular deficits, losses in spatial awareness and over-all functional aspirations produce very individualized challenges for athletes to return to sport/recreation safely and confidently. ‘Traditional’ Physical Therapy often touches on select portions of these complex impairments. Therefore, we seek to enhance the knowledge about ACL injury and rehabilitation through a group setting, break down barriers to current concerns, and bring awareness to all aspects of recovery by encouraging participation in mutual support.

What is it again?

Each meeting will run roughly 60 minutes in length beginning with an Opening and introduction component.

We will complete a Forum section based on the ACL Ring format to allow an interactive, intimate and confidential discussion. The activity of the day will tie with the content to include group or individual interactive pieces that can be anything from breathing training, to mental mapping, to confidence understanding and development. The content of the day will be any combination of lecture style, the most up to date information access, or a guest speaker. Wrapping up each meeting with a closing summary and highlight of what’s to come.

Typical Agenda

  • Opening – 5 min
  • Forum via Ring format – 15 min
  • Activity – 15 min
  • Content of the Day – 15 min
  • Closing – 5 min

Upcoming Meetings

  • Aug 5 @ 5pm – Fear Avoidance
  • Sept 30 @ 5pm – Imagery
  • Nov 18 @ 5pm – Return to Sport

At the very core of the LIVE EVERY DAY ACL Reciprocity Ring is a stunning fact drawn from research: We tend to underestimate the number of people who give. When a group is assembled with the goal of giving, sharing & supporting; the manacles of perception are removed and replaced by a dramatic charitable mood. Research shows that about 90 percent of all giving exchanges at work, in healthcare, socially with friends came about in a response to a direct request for help. Since the culture created by the Ring invites giving, participants don’t find themselves embarrassed or constrained, rather in a group with a common goal, much like that of a team.

The LIVE EVERY DAY ACL Reciprocity Ring is a vehicle for creating an environment where the natural impulse to help can be cultivated and supported. Challenges associated with ACL reconstruction are vast and multilayered. Having a group of like minded individuals to help navigate care, expectations and resources while learning a whole lot about the specifics of the knee as well as members of your new community. There’s strength in numbers and this Ring is powerful. Welcome.

The beauty of the ring is you can participate from anywhere via the zoom platform

Abby Mulligan

Meet the RING facilitator

Abby Mulligan is an Orthopedic Residency trained out-patient Physical Therapist. She is passionate about evidence based care and treating the entire individual. She is dynamic, energetic, and inspiring. Her growing passion for the human struggles of ACL reconstructive surgery has challenged her to make the great-est impact for patients in every domain. There is growing medical research to support activities of community, mental imagery and better under-standing of one’s injury to maximize out-comes—hence the creation of the RING!

LIVE EVERY DAY is a Nationally Recognized Private Practice and clinical educator. Serving as Clinical Partner to Springfield College, in Massachusetts, via the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy, as well as a leadership role on the Board for the National Consortium of Clinical Education. Founder of LIVE EVERY DAY, Matt Calendrillo PT, DPT BOCOP, serves as a National Presenter on Clinical Education, presenting across the country, at both national and local conferences as well as countless posters and presentation s on the topic of clinical excellence, clinical education, leadership, professional trajectory, mentorship, and reflective practice.

Its simple and ALL are welcome. In most cases a referral from your physician or surgeon is not required. There is a brief application and survey for admission each year. To take the next step, please complete the form below and a LIVE EVERY DAY ACL Reciprocity leader will connect with you shortly.

There is ZERO cost to you.

*Many insurance companies cover the cost of the meetings. Please include your health insurance information below to allow us to investigate your insurance benefits. Often times this is covered under your rehabilitation benefit. Regardless join us!, we’d hate for cost to be the limiting factor with such great community and information to share!

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