Physical Therapy & Neck / Cervical Pain

Physical Therapy & Neck / Cervical Pain


One’s neck, or cervical spine, is composed of multiple vertebrae that begin in the upper torso and end at the base of the head/skull. These vertebrae and the supporting ligaments, tendons, and muscles provide stability to the spine. Because the neck is less protected than the rest of the spine, it is more vulnerable to injury and disorders that cause pain and restrict motion.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Most neck pain can be attributed to overuse injuries, accidents, and diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, herniation, strains, and specific facet disorders. For many people, neck pain is a temporary condition that reduces and often disappears with time. Others need medical diagnosis and treatment to relieve their symptoms.

You are most at risk for neck pain if you:

Have had a past neck injury
Have overuse injuries which trigger muscle strains (e.g. individuals in sedentary jobs with poor posture)
Suffer from osteoarthritis of the neck joints
Are diagnosed with whiplash due to an auto accident
Have nerve compression disorders

Common Neck Conditions

It’s tough to ‘live every day’ with a painful and limiting neck issue. ¬†We’re here, highly skilled and will develop a customized treatment plan to relieve your neck pain and restore mobility. The most common neck injuries that are effectively treated with physical therapy are:

Abnormalities in the Bones or Joints
Poor Posture

Degenerative Disc Disease
Inflammatory Diseases (e.g. Spinal Stenosis/Arthritis)
Muscle Strains

Treatment Options

LIVE EVERY DAY treats patients using evidence-based treatment techniques that speed recovery time while reducing the risk of recurrence of neck pain:

Manual therapy to decrease pain, increase range of motion, and improve function
Therapeutic exercises to strengthen neck and shoulder muscles that will decrease stress to the neck and improve postural control.

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