Interview with Anthony Calendrillo

What do see as opportunities in the future of healthcare?
Patient care!  The “Good” practitioners out there are finding it harder andharder to deliver quality care in an environment of cost control andincreased productivity.  The real opportunity is to develop ways to increasethe quality of the care provided while remaining a thriving entity.  Thereare lots of avenues to pursue this goal (technology improvements, reducingredundancy and the like) but the first giant step is to refocus all involvedon the quality of the care versus the cost of the care.
What would be your message to the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs?
I love disruptors – entrepreneurs who dramatically change how something isdone.  There is a lot of opportunity to significantly change how healthcareis delivered – a lot of norms that can shaken up. But, and this is a bigbut, we are talking about people, their health, and their  livelihood.  Asentrepreneurs we need to ensure that the goal of our endeavors is to improvethe quality of their  healthcare.  Entrepreneurs are hard a work developingnew technologies across all wedges of our world (self-driving cars – whoknew!) but we need to ensure that those of us working on the healthcarewedge are focused on the patient and not the latest “wow” factor.
How do you approach your philanthropy?
Through our time, talents, and resources we each have a lot to offer toothers.  I believe it is important to approach philanthropy across each ofthese modalities.  Sure it would be great if we could write an endlessnumber of check but this isn’t a way to solve all problems.  Rather, thereare instance where our individual talents are invaluable to a specific need.And the greatest finite resource is our time so it is important that we useeach moment of it to the greatest capacity.
What are the characteristics of a successful founder?
The old adage of ” Jack of all trades, master of none.” can no longer applyto entrepreneurship. A founder needs be a master of all.  Truly successfulfounders are those that know their strengths and their weaknesses and thensurround themselves with experts to cover the gaps.