Global Health Initiative – Mission Haiti: Mary Monahan Day 3

Day 3 – Global Health Initiative – Mission Haiti 2017

As we ended the post snow blizzard day as a group celebrating Caitie Holik and the end of her clinical rotation – Mary was hard at work half a world away.  Carrying with her many of the same values and skills we place such value on with education of patients, future clinicians, and fostering people of all ailments & walks of life the ability to LIVE EVERY DAY!  Continue the great work Mary and look forward to hearing the next update.

” Another great day in Ouanaminthe and FONHARE, lots of kids today which is always fun to play with a purpose! Another group of students went out for another home visit and saw the same women as yesterday’s group and said she did even better today and can stand up with minimal assist, where as before she was used to being stood up completely with assistance by her family members. It’s amazing to see how motivated all of the patients are and how involved their families are in their care. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow! “







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