Keep Calm and Squeeze the ones you love.

* If you can. We really hope you can.


We hope you and your families are keeping safe and well, and you're squeezing those that you can. We just wanted to give you a quick update about where we're at here at LIVE EVERY DAY, and answer some questions you might have.

Matt & Anthony's Letter

Are you looking after patients?

In line with the CDC guidelines, we are working under careful new protocols. We have introduced extra, thorough cleaning between all that enter the space, ensuring plenty of space for social distancing and wearing PPE. While these are the palpable pieces, like always & more importantly we’re focusing on the whole person. We’re offering care via telehealth (click here to learn more), connecting on deep emotional levels to offer a listening ear, brainstorming ways to stay active and healthy during quarantine. In other words, whatever a person needs. Anything—we’ve delivered groceries, walked dogs, created care packages, donated food, time, and expertise.

Are you looking after your employees?

We have 2 primary foci during these unprecedented times. Our community, and our team. We have done everything possible to keep all employees, well employed! We have not done any layoffs or furloughs. We have reduced our clinical hours of operation to match the current needs of patients, and provide employees time to handle all the other burdens of life. Maintaining all at full-pay during this crisis. Estimates show nearly 40% of all Physical Therapists nationwide find themselves unemployed, we’ve vowed from the beginning to being different, and we are living up to our reputation.