We all live in the same world. In line with our sole mission to provide sound healthcare experiences to allow all to LIVE EVERY DAY, we further hope to empower the next generation of global leaders. With their hopes set high on the field of rehabilitation, these Springfield College PTs, OTs and rehab professionals of the future work tirelessly to combat health disparities abroad. SC’s founding values are enrichment of mind, body, and spirit;


Springfield College’s Physical Therapy Department started an effort to directly support 3 community based projects in Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, and Germany via student volunteerism. Our humble effort is to support one of these future leaders. Today take away the burden of travel & expense and allow them to focus solely on the good work that awaits. It is our anticipation in doing so, they will continue to fight health disparities, spread the word of global healthcare need as compassionate healthcare providers, powerful humanitarians, and unselfish community leaders.

Applicant must be:

A Springfield College Student selected for 2017 Global Health Initiative in Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, and/or Germany.


The application must be submitted at least three months prior to the trip departure. There is a maximum of one scholarship per Global Health Initiative season.

The scholarship will be up to $1000 and is to be used for project and transportation-related expenses.

The applicant must submit a letter of no more than 300 words that describes their current course of education, and their motivation in serving in this Global Healthcare Initiative. We’d also like to hear from the applicant’s lighter side, what makes them LIVE EVERY DAY and how this may have prompted their interest in such important work. Two pictures are to be included with the application to showcase the applicant pursuing a passion and will be included in a summary page of applicants and finalists.

After the trip is completed, the scholar will be asked to submit a 400-500 word summary of their experience and focus on the change that took place in their own life as a result of the trip.  The scholar will also be asked to share their story with our local community during an informal community discussion on global health.

Email your application to givingbackscholarship@liveeveryday.org